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    Processor: 6510 CPU

    Clock Speed: 1 MHz

    Introduced: 1983

    Hersteller : MOS Technology

    Takt MHz : 1

    Register BIT : 8

    Sonstiges : Erweiterte Version der 6502

    The MOS Technology 6510, is a microprocessor designed by MOS Technology, Inc., and is a direct successor of the very successful 6502.

    The 6510 was only widely used in the Commodore 64 home computer.


    Computer's using 6510 CPUs includes Acorn Atom, C64 and its variations DX-64 and SX-64.

    as64 - A cross-assembler for the 6510 CPU

    Virtual 6510 - Technical Overview

    MOS Technology, Inc., also known as Commodore Semiconductor Group, was a microprocessor and calculator company famous for its 6502 processor.


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