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Walpurgis Nacht / Walpurgis Night / Beltane / Maifest / Tanz in den Mai / May Day / Fürhlingsfest

"May 1st marks the victory of Spring over Winter, but before departing the Hexen have one last fling and make an attempt to assert their power on Walpurgisnacht. This Hexennacht is the best known in the seasonal cycle. The roots for this fest extend back to a pre-Christian Frühjahrsfest, which was perhaps celebrated in an even more rowdy fashion, as the Valborgs maessafton is still celebrated today in Sweden, Thueringen and elsewhere. Under Christian influence it was probably transformed into a fest to drive out the Hexen. The festival became widely known outside Germany due to Goethe's use of this theme in Faust."

Beltane - oder auch Walpurgis - wird traditionell in der Nacht vom 30.April auf den 1. Mai gefeiert. Es ist das Fest des wiedererwachten Frühlings, an dem Sonne und Erde eine innige Verbindung eingehen - die heilige Hochzeit des Männlichen und Weiblichen.


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