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The Zakim IRC "bot" is a [[Semantic Web] agent ("swagent") that helps facilitate meetings using IRC in conjunction with the W3C's Zakim audio teleconference bridge. (See also the Zakim Bridge Status Monitor and the W3C Teleconference Schedule.) It is generally available on W3C's IRC server, under the "Zakim" nickname. It gives information about teleconferences available on the bridge, such as the names of the conferences available at that time, the attendance list, the possibility to associate numbers with people. When someone joins, she/he will be announced t]o the channel using the +xxx convention, where xxx can be a name, an anonymized phone number or a generated ID for numbers that do not have callerID information. When someone leaves, -xxx will be used, following the same convention.

Optional words in commands are indicated in square brackets. "please" can be abbreviated to "pls" if you wish to be polite yet still save keystrokes. ("please" is also accepted at the end of all commands.) Bringing Zakim into your meeting channel

The command:

/invite Zakim <channel>

   will bring Zakim on to your IRC channel.

/invite zakim &test [16:41] *** Zakim ( has joined &test

Some irc clients let you omit the channel name and will fill in the name of current channel. This is a feature of the irc client, not of Zakim. Talking to Zakim

Once Zakim is on your IRC channel, all commands to Zakim begin with


Zakim's commands are not case sensitive, but, in general, must be grammatically correct.