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The YourBot IRC bot.

Thinking of dowloading the bot, but can't make your mind up? Here's just a few of the features it has.


-Games - trivia, hot potato, spin the bottle, higher/lower,eightball

-Personality Mode

-FAQ Center (lets chan visitors ask questions (you create) to the bot and receive predefined answers.

-Anti-Ping Timeout - Keeps your bot from quiting the server because of being idle.

-Birthday Mode - Keeps track of how long is it to users birthdays and congratulates them on their birthday.

-Seen Mode - Keeps track of how long it has been since a user has joined the channel, and record their last action.

-Auto-Talk - Kees your channel active by randomly generated sentences.

-Anti-Talk - Keeps your channel silent.

-Link Center - Sort of like a add your own link page on a web site.

-Guestbook - Just like those found on web sites.

-Message Board - Users can post their own topics

-Join Greeting (you can set your own) - Greets users to the chan with your own message

-Join Voice

-Channel Commands

-Stat Commands - keeps track of visitors, how long connected, exc



-4 User Levels

-Ban/Kick/Op/Deop Protections

-Command Kick

-Configuration wizard makes the bot easy to set up! -Advertisement Kick

-and various other commands!! (180+ total)