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- s23.org users can make custom subdomains with a script that can be used as vhosts for eggdrop and psybnc

- s23.org users can use POP3 and to access their mail accounts (but some more authentication)

- other domain names we own, can be hosted on s23 and also be used as vhosts

- a shell alias kicks you right into the local IRCs that replaces ytalk sessions

- a shell alias shows which ports are still free to be used for new processes

- we can offer dynamic dns services, and people can run their private FTP at home as user.s23.org,they can update their IP by wgetting a php script on s23.org or using a browser

- we have some kind of automatic billing system that tells the users how much they still have to pay to Q,and keeps him informed of the costs and traffic

- we can offer shell accounts to people on #bots until we can afford to rent a second server and keep on growing :)