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    Windows Power Shell

    Windows Power Shell is the coming replacement for the (good?) old cmd.exe. It works object-oriented and supports pipes


    get-alias (show (predefined) aliases)
    get-command (show all available "commandlets")
    get-help commandletname (get help about a commandlet)
    get-help get (list all commandlets that contain the verb "get")
    get-psdrive (show drives, environment variables, registry and aliases)

    commandline registry[edit]

    WPS makes no difference between regular files ,the registry or aliase as in:

    cd hklm:\software (change "directory" to the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software)
    dir (list the subkeys)
    md fnord (create new subkey fnord)
    new-item .name "Foo" - value "Bar" - type string (put the value Bar into the key)

    3 ways to kill all IE processes using (object oriented) pipelines[edit]

    get-process | where object { $_.name -eq "iexplore" } | foreach-object { $_.kill() }


    ps | ? { $_.name -eq "iexplore" } | % { $_.kill() }

    even shorter:

    ps -p "iexplore"  | % {$_.kill() }


    Download Windows Power Shell RC 1

    Windows Power Shell Docs

    (Downloads need Microsoft-Passport ;P)

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