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The latest project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

A vote about it is currently in progress.You can take part.

The purpose of the Wikiversity project, which will ultimately reside at http://www.wikiversity.org (not yet active, see vote above), is to build an electronic institution of learning that will be used to test the limits of the wiki model both for developing electronic learning resources as well as for teaching and for conducting research and publishing results (within a policy framework developed by the community).

The goals can be described as follows:

  • E-teaching materials. The development and cataloging of tests, teaching materials that go beyond the scope of Wikibooks such as slides and videos, complete courses, and more. All this information must be presented from a neutral point of view and represent the current state of scientific research. Wikibooks will be used as a partner project where appropriate.
  • E-learning. A framework within which members of the community can actually take courses online.
  • For more info on what Wikiversity is, please check its About page.


List of Wikiversities[edit]

<wikistats type="wikiversity"></wikistats>

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