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wikimania 2005 is a conference taking place the 4th to 8th in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

There is also community-wiki: wikimania.

There is a collaborative editor, MoonEdit page for wikimania called wikimania-ting on The contents of this page can easily be included here by entering (in MoonEdit) ctr - E, typing svsavetxt (stands for server save text), pressing return. To see the changes reflected here you have to re-edit this page. See the ting-wiki on how to connect to in MoonEdit.

To edit the source-page you have to have MoonEdit installed (size is about 300 Kb Unfortunately MoonEdit is proprietary and excludes mac users. The (clearly preferable) open-source cross-platform alternative is gobby, but it's still pretty hard to install (except on Windows).

Start inclusion of MoonEdit wikimania-ting page


End inclusion of MoonEdit wikimania-ting page

There is a certain likelihood that gobby 0.2.0 will be ready and released for the conference. It probably will have a standalone-server function implemented. If so, we'll certainly try to set it up.