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    This is a work in progress..feel free to add anything that you might think is helpful for beginners and advanced wiki users alike. Remember, this is a collaborative tool, we build the pages together. Anything you share can be incorporated by another person reading. So by all means dont hesitate to add your experiences.


    If you are using the Mozilla or Mozilla Firefox web browser, it is possible to configure an external editor for editing wikipedia articles without copying and pasting them from the browser's text area. To achieve that, you need to download the "MozEx" extension at http://mozex.mozdev.org/ and follow a quick MozEx tutorial.

    Old (Usemod) Tips[edit]

    1. To quickly add "Related:" wiki pages into your wiki source, click the Bold Header Wiki link at the top of each wiki to see what pages the wiki finds related words to.
    Example: for RobertAntonWilson you will find http://wiki.s23.org/wiki.pl?back=RobertAntonWilson 
    (copy the related wiki links from there and paste them into your wiki source)

    Advanced wiki usage (for admins or those intrested in learning 'guts' of engine) Add explanation about how index function works and how to clean it by removing entries from page/A-Z/*.db

    The index function that is called by the wiki.pl?action=index URL is either a) checking the file "pageidx" in the main wiki folder , if the config option "Use Index File" is set to 1 , or b) "manually" checking thru all files in the subfolders of "page". Remove all .db files of spammed pages and edit "pageidx" is the safe side. But since editing "pageidx" is a pain in the ass, it also worked by setting the wiki temporary to "Use Index File: 0",deleting pageidx, deleting unwanted .db files, and switching back to "Use Index File: 1", because then the wiki creates a fresh and clean "pageidx" by itself. --mutante

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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.