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Wiki3D is a Mediawiki extension. Just installed it. It uses <Wiki3D> tags, check out the source of this page.

<Wiki3D> {

 { box w=50 h=100 l=200 trn(-150,0,0) color(255,0,0) [rot(15,0,0)]  }
 { cylinder r=50 h=100 trn(-50,0,0) color(0,255,0) [rot(0,5,0)] 
   { cone r=20 h=40 trn(0,0,-70) rot(90,0,0) color(255,255,0) }
 { cone r=50 h=100 trn(50,0,0) color(0,0,255) }
 { [trn(0,0,5) step 10] [trn(0,0,-5) step 20]  [trn(0,0,5) step 20 goto 2]
   { sphere r=100 f=0.5 trn(150,0,0) color(0,128,128) [rot(0,1,0)] }

} </Wiki3D>

<Wiki3D> {trn(0,300,0) sphere r=50 f=2 color(255,0,128) [rot(5,0,0)]} </Wiki3D>

<Wiki3D> { cone n=12 p=16 r=100 h=50 color(0,255,0) rot(30,0,0) [ rot(0,10,0) ]

 { cylinder n=6 r=10 h=300 color(240,128,255) }
 { sphere r=20 trn(100,-25,0) color(255,64,0) [trn(10,5,0) step=10]  [ trn(-10,-5,0) step=20 ]  [ trn(10,5,0) step=20 goto 2]} 

} </Wiki3D>

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