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    A wiki-node blitz is a common effort to create wiki-nodes on wikis out in wikilandia who still lack one. As there are quite some of them out there, it should be quite a blitz, right?

    wiki-node blitz is topic for ting10 thursday 17 March 2005 21:00 UTC, remember: is-root.de is the new server!

    ?? is that on Sweetmorn, Discord 3, 3171 YOLD?? i find no reffrence to "thursday 16 March 2005 " --DrOwl 14:03, 17 Mar 2005 (CET)

    was a typo 17th, today see ting-wiki MattisManzel 15:07, 17 Mar 2005 (CET)

    see also en.wikipedia: wiki-node/talk

    <lion> evening {:)}=

    <thecrypto> hello

    <lion> {:)}= I'm thinking of a WikiNoding blitz on Saturday or something;
    I saw how crowded the WikiCities were, and how many more wiki we can hook up.
    There are SO many wikinodes to be made.
    Have you seen the wikicities list of Wiki?

    <thecrypto> no.
    I don't exactly understand the wikinodes idea either

    <lion> wikinodes: what part confuses you?
    Oh! I bet you saw it while the wiki was down.
    {;)}= http://wikinodes.wiki.taoriver.net/
    The FAQ should answer your questions, I hope.
    If not, let me know what your questions are, so I can answer them, and put them in the FAQ.
    Or fix the site, or whatever.

    <thecrypto> yeah, it's now back up, i'm looking through it
    so it's just a catgorization for each site

    <lion> No;
    It's a connection to neighbors.
    No categories.
    Categorization is the subject of the registry of all wiki-

    <thecrypto> yeah, okay,
    the little bus stop thing is sort of between those two

    <lion> The bus stops are like WikiNodes, but linear:
    The linear approach works great when there are only a handful of wiki in the world,

    <thecrypto> and they categorized, this is the software development line

    <lion> since it can assemble distant wiki,
    (nod,) WikiNodes is graph-based,
    and the connections are determined by the inhabitants of the wiki, or random passerbyers who think connections make sense.
    Control ultimately rests with the owners of the site.
    We have lines in WikiNodes, such as:
    Free Games wiki -- Game Design wiki -- Game Programming wiki -- Artificial Intelligence Algorithms wiki -- Artificial Intelligence Wiki -- Singularity Wiki -- Futures wiki
    That is, the thematic hop has a distance of 1.
    In the bus, the theme continues through the whole loop.
    WikiNodes exists so that you can say, "Show me all wiki that are related to this one."

    <thecrypto> ah okay
    now i get it, more graphs ;)

    <lion> More graphs. {;)}=
    Eventually, we'll have a machine form for the WikiNode data,
    probably an RDF form.

    <thecrypto> a friend of mine at school says everything is a graph theory problem ;)

    <lion> <laugh>
    That's true!
    Because, ultimately:
    Everything is "things, and the connection between things."

    <thecrypto> it might not be the best solution, but everything can be turned into a graph

    <lion> <nod>

    <bpt`> thecrypto: or a table, according to codd and his ilk ;-)

    <mattis> It's more. The communities might rank their neighbors. The ones somebody (most likely a member of the community) thinks is cool get signed. The most signed are the favorite ones. On recent changes of our neighbors you see their rc's. This gets automatically triggered by the ranking on the wiki-node.
    Every wiki positions itself dynamically in wikilandia => wikilandia, ameboid as it is, positions itself just as it wants in the free and open space of nothingness. ;)

    copied in and corrected from irc freenode #onebigsoup by MattisManzel 14:40, 16 Mar 2005 (CET)

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