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    Who are the real Krauts

    Consumption of cabbage per person per year:

    Germany 2,0 kg

    USA 2,4 kg

    Poland 20 kg

    (source N24 TV)

    Domestic (USA) fresh cabbage consumption varied from 1970 to 2001 ... Consumption was 8.7 pounds per capita 1970. In 1980, consumption reached a low of 7.6 pounds per capita. In 1987 it rose to 9.1 pounds, peaking in 1993 at 9.3 pounds. Per capita consumption subsequently declined but rebounded in 2000 and 2001, reaching 9.0 pounds per capita in both years. According to the USDA, the increase in cabbage consumption in 2000 and 2001 is attributable to the marketing of fresh-cut products, including fresh slaw products and the use of red cabbage in fresh-cut salad mixes; growth in away-from-home eating (affects coleslaw consumption); and nutritional research showing the benefits of cruciferous vegetables.

    Domestic consumption of canned cabbage (sauerkraut) has declined since 1970, from 2.3 pounds per capita in 1970 to 1.3 pounds per capita in 2001. Consumption peaked in 1971 at 2.5 pounds and then followed a downward trend until reaching its lowest point in 1996 at 1.0 pounds per capita.

    New York, California and Texas are the largest producers of U.S. fresh-market cabbage, although all 50 states produce cabbage commercially. According to the FAO, China and India are the world’s largest cabbage producers, with China alone accounting for over one-third of world production in 2001. [1]

    source: UC Davis

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