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Whwhwhwh is an experimental IRC bot based on Paul Mutton's PircBot code. It can answer questions about things, people, places and (soon) events. It's a thin layer around some simple RESTful RDF web-services.

It partly overlaps in scope with foafbot, by Edd Dumbill, but unlike foafbot, cannot analyse where the data it shows came from. As well as foafbot, related work has been done by Jo Walsh about and Matt Biddulph exploring RDF data-structures in a text-based interface.

Queries all start with a "!" and are case insensitive. You can ask the bot on a channel, or message it. You can ask it:


<libby> !help <whwhwhwhwh> I'm a very experimental RDF-webservice-based bot by libby.miller@bristol.ac.uk, based on the pircbot api. More info at http://swordfish.rdfweb.org/discovery/2003/10/whwhwhwh/ <whwhwhwhwh> try !airport <place>; !iata <iata code> !wn <wordnet term> !pic <name>; !paths <name1>, <name2>, !pathf <name1>, <name2> (for these last two which are queries about codepiction paths, as full a name as possible is best). You can also ask !knows <name>