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    Who are you? What do you mean "Who are you?"

    C'mon, dont start with that Ok..i'll bite, I'm the totality of my experience up till this moment

    Who do you try to be? I try to be myself

    How do you "be like yourself?" It's hard..since I'm so many different people at different times

    Like a schizophrenic? No, I wouldn't say schizophrenic

    Then? I feel like I have a spectrum of behaviors. And those behaviors have many many permutations depending on: Time, Location, Temperature/Weather, Who I'm with, My health at the moment, If my needs are met at the moment, My Internal Dialogue, Responsibilities, Desires and probably a whole lot more other things. Alot of them are subtle and i'm probably not aware of them most of the time.

    So..again, how do you try to 'be like yourself'? Well, i'm trying right now

    You are? Yea..this whole conversation is an attempt to do just that

    So I am not real? You're as real as I am

    Weird yea

    So where is this going? I dont know..let's watch and see

    Previously, when asked 'Who are you?' you replied: "I'm the totality of my experience up till this moment" Yea..I just re-read the passage

    So you already know my question? Yes..you're having an issue with that answer because there are different schools of thought about what "I" is and what makes up a human being. And also that there is a duality within me as to which 'school' I subscribe to at at any given moment

    More specific please, so i can see if you really understand these different models or schools of thought, as you say Well according to information I have assimiliated through different times in my life, it seems that there are 2 ideas about what 'I' really is. One school which i'll call 'Western' seems to say that what you are is what has forged you: The environment, your upbringing (who you copied and modeled yourself after, how you were treated etc...) and your experiences of life till this moment. These are the things that formed and crystallized into what you are today.

    and the 2nd model? The 2nd model, which i'll call 'Eastern' says you are not who you think you are. It says: the things that have 'forged' you are just impressions made on something very very subtle. This subtleness is part of a whole realm of experience that is not readily available to access. It gets further complicated by relying on another model which is the Reincarnation Model which is a whole other issue that I'm conflicted about.

    No further explanations? No, i realize..I dont know as much as i think i do about these things.

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