Weird USB devices

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Top List of the most weird USB devices:

1. USB Aquarium (

2. USB Aroma Pot (

3. USB Christmas Tree (

4. USB Magic Color Mood Lamp (

5. USB Optical Liquid Mouse (

6. USB Light in Drink Cap Shape (

7. USB Cooler Tower with Ionizer (

8. USB Ashtray (

9. USB Microscope (

10. USB (missing) Startup Key for Macintosh (

Gotta have them all and a powerful USB hub with external power supply *g*, maybe a fancy one like this:

11. Heated USB gloves classic and military look

12. USB Powered Air Darts

13. USB heated foot-warming slippers

14. USB Flashbag drives

15. USB Mouse Ears If your boss gets you a new mouse, and it looks like this one, take care what you say about him when he leaves the room.

16. USB C64 as keyboard.

Finn, pleasse add the USB telescope here. mutante

Just thort i would add a few extras...

PowerMate is the coolest volume knob your computer has ever seen 


a SD flash memory card with built-in USB connectivity