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This is an experiment based on a video feedback closed circuit. A video feedback is just a videocamera that films it's own output shown on a monitor.

So take out your little webcam or even some better recording device and try out this.


Move your recording device closer to the monitor and you will witness some (strange) phenomenon. First you will see a tunnel and by coming even more closer chaos will flare. The output may vary, depending on your recording device. I used a low quality webcam so the screenshost i've made aren't that good, but you will get the idea. If your cam is good enough you'll see some fractals or geometric objects ,which were signified as the "order in the chaos". This is just the lightest version on gernerating video feedback, there are some extended methods using mirrors and stuff. Well, play around and if you're more interested search the web for video feedback, chaos theory or video fractals. Certainly there are even mathematic explanations(fractals are a part of analysis in mathematics, explaining analysis would go to far, so i won't deepen here).

dinooo 23:53, 19 Apr 2005 (CEST)

Here the screenshots i've made.

Yes it is verry nice indeed, have played with photon delay loops for some time now... ADI-DIS-Complex feedbackloop tests (pictures and movies) --Zyz 11:06, 20 Apr 2005 (CEST)