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Zyz.gif - <fnord>7</fnord>; Oh before i forget: more about me...

Welcome.. :) Finn

Thanks! --Zyz 11:49, 20 Apr 2005 (CEST)

Ahooy there! Nice to have you aboard -Kunda 04:48, 21 Apr 2005 (CEST)

Hej Kung Xerxes. Det var en avvasknings-sted sa typisk for Norden överfor din specielt programerings-kontor. Pa studentbyen i Oslo havde vi en lignende. Velkomma! (Hi King Xerxes. It is such a typical scandianvian place for dishwashing right above your special programming room. We had a similar one in the student city in Oslo.) MattisManzel 10:08, 21 Apr 2005 (CEST)

Ideas to implement...

Ideas to fork into the One big soup: A mapping system in order to visualise the soup-flow(yarn)-fabric based losely on the gudinna wiki indirect mapping system.

Apart from thinking about participating in the "ting" i mostly ramble about "stuff". zyz cares about: TingWiki/gudinna-wiki, TingWiki/Thoughts, TingWiki/Meta-BOX Quantum Physics.