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    Pope Hilde the person[edit]

    Remember me? I'm Pope Hilde and you haven't seen me for many months. I gave birth to Erisa Roze on June 9, 2008. Shortly after that, her father Fundament went to Iraq and I had serious post-partum depression. If you don't believe it's a real condition, you haven't been through it.

    Fundament is my sother who gave me both my Discordian name and Erisa. I hope you can guess which is more important to me! I was so glad to have my daughter. She can walk and say Mama, Papa, Baby (what she calls herself), milk (which sounds a little like "nilk"), and she just started saying Ewisa (Erisa). I love her so much, but every time I looked at her it reminded me that her father was gone from home. He's not home right now, but at least he's not in Iraq.

    Now that my baby has passed her first birthday, I plan to go back to school and earn a degree. But I don't want to be separate from her and plan to breastfeed as long as she wants to, so will try to get a degree online. I'm 23 now (a good Discordian age!) but will be 24 soon.

    I may soon get to see my first baby! He was adopted when I was a teenager. I wasn't ready yet, and he got loving parents who were. He was a C-section, and the operation left a large scar on my lower belly. But the biggest scar was on my heart.

    Until you're ready, use protection, girls! I am back working at a home for girls with problems, many of them sexual including pregnancy. That means I can have Erisa Roze with me all day lolng, and get help babysitting! It's a wonderful place with a wonderful house mother whose Discordian name is Sister Hooter. She's very strict but as you can guess with a great sense of humor. She adopted Discordia, the goddess of chaos who was born pregnant, because many of the girls were very young, barely out of childhood themselves and living in utter chaos. The sister helped me get through my pregnancy when I stayed there as a client, and the very difficult giving my first baby up for adoption. After a post-partum depression break, I am happy to be working at the home again so I can give back for what was given to me. For a while I couldn't handle any responsibility beyond caring for Erisa Roze.

    Pope Hilde the writer[edit]

    I like to do research, which is easy to do when you're home with a baby. In my spare time, I like to research Discordians and others who live outside of the mainstream. I've worked on a few newsletters, and have even published a few of my pieces in small publications. I did an article on early Discordians that will soon appear on a website and in a magazine.

    I used to be active here, and plan to be again.

    I hope you like what I write! :)


    Nice to have you here. You are welcome. mutante 07:36, 14 August 2007 (CEST)

    dRoWL lOVES Pope Hilde --DrOwl 17:16, 9 July 2008 (CEST)

    • How sweet! :) Pope Hilde 03:26, 12 July 2008 (CEST)
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