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<blinken delay=0.5 bgcolor="255,255,255" lamponcolor="247,81,229" lampoffcolor="255,255,255" font="8pxStd">first sign of madness: you talk to yourself. second sign of madness: yourself talks back! :D </blinken>

favourite things:[edit]

food: pizza and chinese instant noodles :)

drinks: kölsch, becks and kicos.. oh, and i love "bionade" (bio lemonade) but unfortunately the school doesn't sell it anymore, only coke and this crap :/

music: i still like punk and im listening to it more often again.. and right now i really like irie révoltés, a mixture of reggae and hip hop. although they're from heidelberg, they mostly sing in french (narf, and i have latin at school..)..

movie: donnie darko, 23, requiem for a dream, pi)

computer game: i started playing sim city 4 again..

book: requiem for a dream.. and i definitely HATE moon palace, man, what a junk.. color: hmm..

kind of cigarettes: mhm. atm i'm usually rolling..



My cat: Finley

MattisManzel 10:36, 28 Jul 2005 (CEST): Hey Lagger. Ich probier hier mal mutante's neues Modul aus ;) Jau cool danke :) -- 23:57, 1 Aug 2005 (CEST)


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