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    Uncovering potential conspiracy-like activities


    The really gorgeous discordian motto of 'never trust anything you read' is a lovely paradox. But thats a whole other philosophical discussion. I mention it because the subjects about to be unfolded have a potential of danger to the human nervous system. To use a poor metaphor, they might have threatening circumstances on the Software of ones Reality Tunnel.

    Keep in mind though that:

    • "paper doesn't reject ink"
    • "somethings are best kept secret for fear of mass-hysteria".


    The implications of the content in this page is not to do the reader harm, by shaking up their world and creating more problems to deal with or internalize. No, it is here to simply inform, not sensationalize.

    For instance:

    Mercury Amalgams[edit]

    According to this website, which has re-printed content from another website, the American Dental Association (ADA) might be in BIG trouble.


    • Why trouble? According to the article seems there are problems with using Mercury Amalgams (fillings) in dentistry.
    • So why is the ADA in trouble? They %100 back up the reliability of using Amalgams.
    • Why is the 'C' word being thrown around on this issue? Because it seems, according to the article, there is a policy that deems it unethical for a dentist to explain the hazards of Mercury Amalgams to their patients and if one does it is grounds for losing the right to practice dentistry.
    • How do we know about this? Because there are six ongoing court trials that are exposing facts that the public is not privvy to.

    Is it true?[edit]


    update: it just might be partially true, here is a .pdf of the appeal made to United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Ciruit, by the First of the Six trials mentioned in the above website. According to the article no matter if the Plaintiff wins or loses this case, it's a loss for the ADA, since it somehow implicates them on information about how Amalgams can have negative health effects on patients. Pretty interesting.

    Updates 11/16[edit]

    If you are a dentist and use Mercury Amalgams on your patients, it might be wise for you to keep your eyes on some developments that are going on. The ADA might be in serious trouble on this subject hypothetically there is not guarantee that anyone can protect you from getting sued, according to this article.

    Updates 12/20[edit]

    The Chicago Tribune is carrying a story titled:

    Are your teeth toxic?
    The mercury in 'silver' fillings would be hazardous waste in a river----yet it's sitting in your mouth

    Looks like this issue is starting to heat up.

    Related: Mercury Amalgams

    Protecting Hospital Foulplay and the Whistleblowers who stand up to them[edit]

    According to this website potential foulplay might be occuring in Hospitals. Specifically having to do with secret hospital abuse of power and the scape-goating those Drs. who 'blow the whistle' on these practices to deflect the blame away from their foul-play.
    A cited article from the above website, titled "Death by medicine" authored by a number of medical doctors shows some pretty startling numbers.
    The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc. + the support of the following:
    • The Union of American Physicians and Dentists (UAPD)
    • The Semmelweis Society,
    • The Consumer Attorneys of California (COAC),
    • The Government Accountability Project (GAP)
    are the folks who are taking these issues to the Supreme Court.
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