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    Umberto Eco is an italian author and philosopher.

    His most popular novels are The Name of the Rose and Foucault's Pendulum, but he actually wrote more books on philosophy than he wrote novels.

    Umberto Eco was born on January 5, 1932 in a small city east of Turin and 60 miles south of Milan in the northwestern province of Piedmont.

    He used the pseudonym Dedalus.


    Italian literary critic, novelist, semiotician, who gained international fame with his intellectual detective story IL NOME DELLA ROSA (1980, The Name of the Rose), a book about books. It extended the use of semiotics to fiction, and combined various genres, literary theory, mediaeval studies, mystery, and biblical exegesis. As a semiotician Eco is known for his contribution to the theoretical study of signs encompassing all cultural phenomena. Much of his study, including A Theory of Semiotics (1976), has been on the development of a methodology of communication. ([1])


    Der Name der Rose (de) ISBN 3423105518

    Das Foucaultsche Pendel (de) ISBN 3423115815

    Platon im Striptease-Lokal (de) ISBN 3423117591

    Wie man mit einem Lachs verreist und andere nützliche Ratschläge (de) ISBN 3423120398

    Die Geschichte der Schönheit (de) ISBN 3446204784


    Eco Conspiracy / Luther Blissett[edit]

    In Italy and the rest of Europe, an obscure and delirious Internet youth movement called Luther Blissett are increasing their influence; they seem to have turned Foucault's Pendulum and Eco's philosophy into the Holy Writings of a "pop" "subversive" anti-media religion, a life-size role play with the tradition of hesoterism.. An anonymous pamphlet titled Umberto Eco's multiple name started to circulate recently. It aims at exposing the underhand dealings and connections with Italy's left-wing milieux which shaped the project, revealing the likely involvement of Eco himself in the scam and calling him a "master of deception", accomplice of the Intelligentia's hesoteric-gnostic activities. ([2])

    It's A Funny Old Game. Conspiracy. Footballer LUTHER BLISSETT (Watford FC and AC Milan) has become a hero to Italian anarchists. Why?

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