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    Turn engine is a generic game engine that enables a developer to write a browser-based strategy game in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Currently there are six games under development for the engine:

    • Dark Galaxy
    • Eternal Storm
    • Shadow Wars
    • Dark Conflict
    • Gangland Wars
    • Space Tycoons

    There are two technologies you will need to learn to write a game, HTML and a server-side scripting language such as PHP, ASP or JSP. If you are completely new, i suggest PHP with Apache.

    The engine is written purely in Java. It is an HTTP server that primarily communicates using XML. As an HTTP server it does have the ability to serve other content types such as images, and receive them too.

    The Turn Engine requires the presence of a database in which it stores all information about players, locations, messages, etc.... Developers are not required to store any information, although caching of some data may be desirable. Developers are not allowed to store profiles of Turn Engine users or logins. ...

    The XML given below is the bulk of the setup XML for the game of Dark Galaxy as it stands now (and be aware it WILL change, so combat values are not that useful to those wanting to figure out the best combat combinations or how i perform combat in general!).

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