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[23:13] * Steeefan read and just got an idea how "to actually draw the map after reading info from mysql" could work
[23:13] <Kunda> join the think tank
[23:14] <Steeefan> place the nick along the coords of the spot in pixels in a db, read from the db and write the spot and nick
[23:14] <Steeefan> that'S all
[23:14] <Kunda> when the mouse passes over the coord ?
[23:15] <mutante> i think we need to recompile a PHP with that libary for image manipulation..
[23:15] <mutante> forgot the name..
[23:15] <Steeefan> no when the page is read
[23:15] <Steeefan> gblib
[23:15] <Steeefan> gd

<qoreqyas> sgrewe@eris:~$ sudo apt-get install php4-gd2

heh xackapfel, we already had gd , and now we have gd2 , cool eh . so we can start now..:) --mutante

and there we go with the javascript to let people click to define their location:

eh, other links now :