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ting53, Sunday, 2nd of April 2006, 18:00 UTC (20:00 CEST)[edit]

We are meeting half an hour before a ting on irc, server freenode, channel #onebigsoup. We use Gobby as a collaborative editor (v0.3.0 only please - older versions are incompatile and will likely ruin the ting) and teamspeak for VoIP. The collab-editor-server is kathigraben.mine.nu, port 6522 (default). You find the teamspeak login data on the gobby page ting53_talk or ask in irc.freenode #onebigsoup.

topic proposals[edit]

  • tings are open. so come up with a topic - you will realize pretty soon if someone's interested in it
  • add here or in gobby, please


ma: We lost the pretty good content of ting53_talk (after a productive hour, grr) - a pitty, but nothing (gobby included) is perfect (yet). I forgot to save, I bake your pardon.

mu: testing PHP mediawiki bot http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpmediawikibot/ ,if it is any good, i will let it automatially create many wiki pages, like f.e. automatically insert all Linux manpages as wiki pages.

ma: botmagicians rule.

sheep: but is automatic content anything useful? I mean, you can use bots to blow your wiki to hundreds of pages, but there will be no real meaning in them...

ma: having man-pages on a wiki would be useful, just some kilobytes, c'mon. Apart, it shows how useless it is to judge a wiki's contents by the number of pages it has. ;)

mu: yes, i only got the idea because i was reading man pages for learning for a Linux test, anyways, and then i installed "man2html" on the server which converts them to html, http://s23.org/cgi-bin/man/man2html ,but i would prefer it to be all included in the wiki ,instead of this different place..

ma: I wonder what your feel it. I concider a retrievable history of a collab-editor session essential for finally making it (tings) work. Right now such sessions are unknown, only a small number of people participates and it's never vandalism but technical problems that cause the drawbacks. But when getting more public it's enough for a fool to log in, mark everything, delete it and leave for the next place to go on with destruction. Which of the collab-editors might provide such a history (like moonedit already has it with the slideable history bar) the easiest, the soonest? Could synchroedit?

hm. About these newspaper-wikis: I just thought about an iofficial-Die-Zeit-wiki. hm. One could start inofficial wikis for all the 100 candidates. It's a hack. A flashmob. Best coordinated. In the morning 100 selected newspapers find an email in their inbox that they have been wiki'ized tonight together with other 99 newspapers. Hm. How to organize that?