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    ting51, friday 24th of March, 20:00 UTC (21:00 CET).[edit]

    This is the first flashmeeting-ting.

    Recording of the flashmeeting

    We use flash and gobby. More in French and English is on fete-d'internet-wiki: flashmeeting-ting

    We are meeting half an hour before a ting on irc, server freenode, channel #onebigsoup. We use Gobby as a collaborative editor (v0.3.0 only please - older versions are incompatile and will likely ruin the ting) and flash. The collab-editor-server is kathigraben.mine.nu, port 6522 (default). The login for the flashmeeting is


    topic proposals[edit]

    • tings are open. so come up with a topic - you will realize pretty soon if someone's interested in it
    • ting-radio
    • add here or in gobby, please

    xtof : Bonjour et bienvenue sur la première Flashmeeting TingMedia

    Page de discussion de la ting 51 préparée sur [Gobby] serveur kathigraben.mine.nu (default port 6522).


    24th of March 2006 18:00 UTC (19:00 CET), duration 2 hours 24 mars 2006 19h00 CET heure de paris Participants :

    • xtof: Christophe Ducamp
    • ma : Mattis Manzel
    • seb : Sebastien Sauteur
    • add yourself/ajoutez vous


    Ceci va être le premier ting-flashmeeting, nous utilisons FlashMeeting avec cette session d’édition collaborative :

    This is a first flashmeeting-ting, we use flashmeeting parallel with this collab-editor session: see

    • fete-d'internet-wiki: flashmeeting-ting
    • loging to the actual flashmeeting

    Ceci est un ting-voix, nous utilisons en parallèle la VoIP avec cette session d’édition collaborative :

    This page will go to ting-wiki: ting 51 soon after the ting. Use Mediawiki-syntax when writing, please. Start your contributions with a two letter abreviation that identifies yourself. This is because when copying to wiki we loose the background colors and can’t tell who wrote what anymore.

    Cette page ira vers le ting-wiki : ting 51 bientôt après le ting. Aussi utilisez svp la syntaxe de Mediawiki au moment d’écrire. Démarrez avec deux lettres d’abréviation qui vous identifient : Ceci parce qu’aù moment de copier vers wiki nous perdons les couleurs d’arrière-plan et ne pouvons pas dire qui a écrit quoi.

    Nous démarrons sur FlashMeeting - Cathy Nivez regrette l'absence de localisation des connectés sur FlashMeeting

    ma: bonsoir il n'y'a pas quelqe'un ici. :( But cool flashmeeting (without collab-editor) :)

    Ici la section collaborative

    xtof : Personne n'a pu se connecter. La quasi totalité des participants étant équipés de Macintosh. On pourra retrouver l'url de la session flashmeeting sur http://flash.kmi.open.ac.uk:8080/fm/flashmeeting.php?pwd=71c4a4-3781 [en] People couldn't connect themselves. Kinda everybody was on mac. Adress for the recorded flahmeeting.

    ma: merci. We had 2 hours actualy, I didn't realize. Ting-time flies!

    seb : well.. i tried ;-) missed the FlashMeeting actually, so i gave a try in Gobby's TingMédia room, and finally i met Mattis.

    ma: pleased to meet you. You're seb from notreconstitution, vrai? You have to use it on a common text, it's more than an irc simulator, know?

    seb : right ;-) sorry for i'm a bit slow tonight ;-P end of the week... long, long weeks those days

    ma: easy, take your time.

    seb : the common text : sure, that's just a pitty they can not connect with us.. (it's easy anyways, to make it work on a pc).

    ma: for linux there are packages now. It's mega-simple to install.

    seb : <thinking>i'm not courageous enough to switch to Linux, and leave those habits behind... but the way things are going, if it keeps going on like this.. i'll come to free code soon...</thinking>

    seb: did someone try TeamSpeak tonight ? i mean, i talk about this, cause i had heard about that program.. i guess someone wrote a page on craowiki about it.

    ma: just talked (irc'ed) the gobby guys about the mac installation. Seems no too hard.

    seb: did they document it onto their wiki ?

    ma: Yes, there is a special mac-install page.

    seb: could be clearer maybe (but i don't have a mac..)?

    ma: Teamspeak: I tell you a server when you got it installed!

    seb: will be a pleasure to try it

    ma: Linux, try Ubuntu, even I made it to install it. Afterwards Automatix installs everything desireable (codecs and all the stuff they can't integrate).

    seb: i should do that.. for professional purpose i had to install a Debian distribution. and actually i got pretty surprised, that i did turn to be quite easy to install. well, i did'nt tweak it , so i wouldn't dare to use it to connect to the Internet.. not safe enough.. I guess i am a bit lazy.. so if i decide to switch, i need to learn almost from scratch, many little things/habits.. no big deal but ;-)

    ma: No using two tools for the same communication level at a time, that's no good. So audio was covered by flash, so we didn't need teamspeak. That's also why the chat below has to get integrated with irc. One tool for it. Gobby (for one channel, tinging is hardly multi-chanel, well, later maybe ;) Talking to the gobby folks ...

    seb : i'm gonna go.. Mattis, do you know when is the next Ting planned ?

    ma: Sunday on 18:00 UTC always. 19:00 CET, 20:00 CEST (summer time).

    seb: i'll try to be there. noted the date and time

    ma: I'll copy this page over to ting-wiki later, check if all is ok for public. One always should. tings are semipublic only for some hours.

    seb: ok. ciao ;-)

    ma: I can't see your cursor, in moonedit I could see the other's cursors.

    seb: me neither. and there's not this typewriter sound, is it somewhere?

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