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    First hellos, weird ideas, news of the day: the forum is good for many things.

    New date entries right below the line please:


    GP ME session today at 7PM : Heure de Paris, Milan, Londres, Berlin

    If the GP link : http://poietic-generator.net/wikini/wakka.php?wiki=Welcome is broken

    try this one : http://www.x-arn.org/w3/LeGenerateurPoietique

    ME : "is-root.de",port 32123 file : gp-wiki


    Session of the poietic-generator : Samedi 19 Mars, 13h30 (Heure de Paris, Milan, Londres, Berlin) maybe we can try to test it with ME, to imagine interactions between these two means.

    GP : http://poietic-generator.net/wikini/wakka.php?wiki=Welcome

    ME : "is-root.de",port 32123 file : gp-wiki


    I included all moon-edit pages of the still existing tings into the wiki. ting5 and ting6 are lost unfortunately. If you have saved these locally, please let me know. MattisManzel


    Sorry to say it, but we lost the c.h.23.org moon-edit server. mutante is about to make a new one on is-root.de which gives us good interoperability with this wiki. I have some .me files of ting sessions saved

    ting2, ting3 ting4 ting7 ting8

    Many of the pages for wikis are lost, I fear. Whoever has backups of these please let us know. Let's build a new server. Bad luck, basta, won't happen again. MattisManzel


    Seems like ting-wiki will get its own namespace with own recent changes here, mutante is working on it. I talked to Tom yesterday and make a new page moon-edit in the ting-wiki/ namespace to discuss and develop the beloved piece of software here. Tom probably will join here and be around on ting4 tomorrow. MattisManzel


    In fact, I guess ting (chat) is more interesting than ting (document) i think this would be interesting to copy it in a wiki page. OlivierSeres


    ting1 was cool. Let's see if this works for a second time on ting2. -- MattisManzel


    hi. Just made it as I thought it might be useful from tomorrow on. Hope the ting-thing works out. MattisManzel

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