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The "moon-edit liberation front" intends to either:

  • ...opensource the fine piece of software Tomasz Dobrowolski (see his homepage) wrote - who hereby is gently invited to join this wiki, "We love moon-edit, Tom,"
  • ...or to find a way to recode something similar to moon-edit, but open source.
Moon Edit Liberation

See also in French: crao-wiki: front de liberation moon-edit


There is a page that tracks SubEthaEdit / MoonEdit replacement efforts.

So people who recode this in free software are also allowed to participate? Well, we are currently developing such a thing. The library handling all the syncronisation is done. The GTK+-Client is currently under heavy development. See this screenshot for evidence that we have something working. We could need beta testers and C++ developers helping us with the codebase. Just contact crew@0x539.de if you are interested.

A relating conversation during ting3:

(urgen -) I wouldn't mind trying to figure out a way to support those kinds of models within an open economy. / (comment: talking about moon-edit and skype - mm)

(mattis -) zcool. Offer something better, zcool. Let's do that.

(urgen -)It is slowly being done, this is state of the art.

(mattis -) even better. where?

(urgen -) I meant *here* with these ideas being shared. People are slowly gaining a way to express their experiences a few steps after they have them. It takes 'hands on' first.

(mattis -) what's the wiki for it? I know so many ;)

(urgen -) I haven't seen anything centralized still, just a lot of isolated efforts all stumbling along.

(mattis -) K, just like me.

(urgen -) That's why I said this was state of the art.

Langue Française[edit]

Le "front de libération moon-edit" a l'intention soit libérer ou opensourcer le merveilleux logiciel conçu par TomaszDobrowolski (voir sa page personnelle sur http://ged.ax.pl/~tomkh/ )) - qui est de ce pas gentiment invité à rejoindre le wiki libre s 23, "Nous aimons moon-edit, Tom" - ou pour trouver un moyen de recoder quelque chose de similaire à moon-edit (mais en LogicielLibre).

Les participants s'inscriront directement sur http://is-root.de/wiki/index.php/TingWiki/MoonEditLiberationFront

Cette initiative est inscrite à l'ordre du jour du prochain WikiTing du dimanche 20 février 2005.

Un appel est aussi ouvert sur CraoWiki pour libérer MoonEdit en français (interface, menus, accents, c cédilles et autres singularités de notre belle langue !) : http://wiki.crao.net/index.php/FrontDeLiberationMoonEdit