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    Forbes: The Corporate Scandal Sheet 

    "AOL inflated sales by booking barter deals and ads it sold on behalf of others as revenue to keep its growth rate up and seal the deal. AOL also boosted sales via "round-trip" deals with advertisers and suppliers."


    Time Warner Settles AOL Cases For $510 Million
    December 16, 2004

    "Time Warner Inc. yesterday agreed to pay $510 million to settle criminal and civil charges stemming from an accounting scandal at its America Online division.. Both Time Warner and Dulles-based AOL pledged to cooperate in ongoing civil and criminal investigations of individuals, and to clean up various accounting and internal practices at the Internet company. In return, Time Warner avoided a criminal prosecution .."


    Time Warner Probes 'Sugar Daddy' Scandal

    "NEW YORK -- Time Warner Inc. said Tuesday it was looking into whether company funds were used by its chief financial officer for gifts he allegedly gave an accused prostitution ringleader, Reuters reported..."

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