Things to do before you die

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The only certain thing in life is Death

So what are you gonna do until then?
Between the time you spend sleeping and waiting your turn in a queue for whatever, and the time you exchange for money...
What are the things that would be on the top of your list to do before you pass on?

List starts from here: (in no paticular order)

  • Become part of the Seti23 group
  • Try floating in simulated zero-gravity free from external stimuli in a Floatation Tank environment
  • Feel deeply relaxed at the end of a Hatha Yoga class.
  • Sleep in a Debris Hut outside
  • Slam your head in to a freshly tilled bed of soil
  • Go scuba diving
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Participate in a Sweat Lodge
  • Jump in to a semi-frozen river/pond
  • Travel to a place you always dreamt about visiting
  • Visit a nudist colony for a week
  • Learn to use a Neti Pot
  • Make something practical with your hands
  • Make something creative with your hands
  • Experience a deep form of Love for something/someone (that you can give up freely, detach from)
  • Make freinds with an enemy ("Have i wronged you in another life?")
  • Teach someone something that has been useful to you so far in life
  • Learn to play one or several musical instruments
  • Have an outer body experience
  • Learn how to give up the little 'I' from time to time