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~outerlimit~ is pluto no longer a planet?

mutante decide yourself

mutante everybody can make up some amount of kilometers in diameter that is supposed to be the limit

mutante or stop categorizing in general and forget about 9 or 10 planets ,just see all the thousands of objects

~outerlimit~ ic, my friend told me pluto is offically not a planett anymore

~mackyinc~ so what do you call pluto now?

mutante planet-like object

mat2010 or dwarf planet

~mackyinc~ ohh.. some sort of planetish rock

mutante planetoid / asteroid

~mackyinc~ with a lot of ice

mutante the displaced moon of neptune formerly known as pluto the planet :p

mutante or what do they think it has its "weird" specs from

mutante A special committee of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) was charged with determining "what is a planet."

mutante Sometime around the end of 2005, this committee voted by a narrow margin for the "pluto and everything bigger" definition, or something close to it.

mutante definition seems kinda stupid to me

~mackyinc~ thats interesting...

[IM] Razgriz What I want to know is why EVERY YEAR we have to go through this argument again. I say anything bigger than pluto is a planet, then we're all happy. :P

mutante and there is 2003 UB313

mutante its size 105% Pluto

mutante but then they suddenly didnt like the definition anymore :p

[IM] Razgriz I get it now: Anything named after a god from a long dead civilisation is a planet, those named after mickey mouse's dog isn't!

mutante that was a good one, i prefer that

mutante but wait no, cartoon characters and funny names should be allowed and we just reduce the size needed for planet stats

mutante then they can sell them to sponsors and make big money too :p

[IM] Razgriz I still don't get why they named Uranus so badly. URANUS FGS!

{WOFR}sacred virus actually pluto was a god, god of the underworld

[IM] Razgriz You don't see any cartoon dogs called saturn.

mutante walt disney uses the god of the underworld to name that dog for kids to watch, see the hidden message ? :O

{WOFR}sacred virus well there is the car company

mutante here in germany a big electronics store is called Saturn

[IM] Razgriz Sega named a console after a planet, so I want planet playstation! :D

|IaM|ShadowJack aside from 'earth' all the planets and objects formerly known as planets were named after mythology figures

mutante new top level domain .planet , reduce planet size , allow people to "register" their planet

[IM] Razgriz To quote some scientist: "the solar system is jupiter + debris"

mutante hehe

~colin104~ thanks