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    Th functionality of this page was taken over by the page wiki-net changes.

    There are recent changes for wiki-neighborhoods:

    If that is possible, I mean (*:)), then we can make a page recent changes of our neighbors on every wiki. We use the feed of all the wikis listed as neighbors on the wiki-node. It should work automatically. When ever you add a wiki as a neighbor to the wiki-node it should be listed on recent changes of our neighbors.

    For eviting overload the neighbors should be ranked, most favorite ones first. Then you choose the number of neighbors whose recent changes you'd like to have displayed. The wiki has, say 17 neighbors, you choose show recent changes of the 3 most favorite neighbor wikis. Or, even better, a little checkbox in front of every neigbor wiki listed on the wiki-node - you choose yourself which neighbor's recent changes you see on recent changes of our neighbors. Best both. The ranking is fun and keeps the community aware of its own wiki-node and hopefully makes people pay a visit to the neighborhood once in a while. MattisManzel 14:07, 11 Mar 2005 (CET)

    Oh yes /me really likes this idear =) rss updates from othere wiki's maybe auto updateing for pages like the wiki-node, so some site adds one wiki-node and other sites will be updated... --DrOwl 15:37, 11 Mar 2005 (CET)

    That, undoubtably, is another banana hanging on this palm tree I did not think about. There are many bananas hanging on this tree. MattisManzel 15:52, 11 Mar 2005 (CET)

    It leads into an amaeboid status for both: for every single wiki as much as for wikilandia itself. Every wiki, the whole big "one-big-soup"-soup just moves where it wants. As one permanently interacting and never sleeping hive-mind-node-wiki-plasma. cool. MattisManzel

    oh ya babby talk your dirty talk, you making me horney =) hehehe i want a hive-mind-node-wiki-plasma. soon it will become sentiant, this is how the hUman brain works, lots of little brain's all working on there little bit all interacting, every thing should interact, this has allways been my ambision ... ---DrOwl 16:37, 11 Mar 2005 (CET)

    Hmm, interestign idea. It may be a good way to prevent unused wikis from dying ... I like it :) This could be interestingly combined with RecentChangesByCategory - a wik could aggregate recent changes of his neighbour's interesting categories. -- EmileKroeger

    Right, Emile. Another banana, they are all over.

    The Neighbors on the wiki-node get signed. They rank by the number of signs. When I add a new neighbor it has only my sign. When someone in the community (or ousides?) likes the neighbor he/she adds his/her sign to it. When after a while I think the neighbor sux I remove my sign again (apart from the fact that this will work it takes us directly into wiki-node-spam by wikis themselves - it's time to respect the newborn meta-baby, sure, but better still treat it like a baby. Let's not let it fall off the table, k?).
    There are no rules to be added. Every community has to figure out itself how to decide. There may be some who allow you to sign five times and others who do allow everybody but not MattisManzel to sign, whatever. It's a process. MattisManzel

    oh oh oh i know we need a wiki Mqueue (like the big silly IBM thingy) then we can make plugins for diffrent brands of wiki's, and have wiki's chose which Category they want to subscribe to. Idear is a Central (or distributed) server, that gets updates from wiki's when they are edited, it then forwards on the changes to any relavent wiki's. the possibilities are endless. DrOwl 17:17, 11 Mar 2005 (CET)

    DrOwl: hook up with Lion Kimbro and #onebigsoup on freenode if you want steel, code, more than me just making steam at least. It was a little quite now there, but let's make the wind blow. MattisManzel 13:42, 13 Mar 2005 (CET)

    wiki-node blitz

    We would need something like Mediawiki RSS Feed extension. Will get into it. mutante 19:28, 25 Mar 2005 (CET)

    Similar experiment on 22C3-wiki: recent near changes

    MattisManzel 14:34, 21 November 2005 (CET): We have that rss-extention now, thx mutante. The possibilities, even only with the rss-feeds of the recent changes are already mindblowing. What if you'd gather feeds of different wiki-nodes (like the recent near changes? What if you'd not only have the changes on the page wiki-node itself, but if you'd include all changes of wikis being listed on that page? On wiki-node the feeds must be added, I'll do that). Jesus!

    rss-extension tamed[edit]

    Testing our own feed (with changed content, no diffs but summaries)


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