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    first sugestion is this page...

    second... you need to add code like below to the header section... that way FireFox will show its pritty RSS feed icon when ppl come to the wiki =)

    <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Seti23 Wiki RSS feed" href="http://wiki.s23.org/wiki.pl?action=rss">

    -- DrOwl

    Oh cool, just added that to the header,icon shows in the lower right corner (you need FireFox 1.0), then select the feed,the add bookmarks dialog appears. Add it to the "Bookmarks Toolbar Folder" and then click on it, you will see a drop down list with links to wiki subpages.. coool ,thanks for that idea DrOwl

    -- mutante

    Cool. I tear the icon to the left into my sage plugin bar, done. One shouldn't update the rss*s too often, they are consuming, More experiments must be done. How to make an rss contents show up as readable part of the text on another wikipage?

    -- MattisManzel

    first the rrs feed would need to be modified to include the body text of the wiki, then it should be simple hence the name "realy simple syincation" ;) or how ever those words are spelt... some site will include say the first paragraph in the rss of mabe the first X many words

    + you should get the Sage rss reader plugin for firefox

    humm do we have a FireFox/Extensions page? -- We do now =)

    -- DrOwl

    I mean propperly readable text on another wikipage. For a while the recent changes of CaFosari-wiki (moin) showed up on my community-wiki homepage. Alex somehow had make it work. Until -after a moin-update- it stopped working. See on http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/community/MattisManzel. It was:

    <rss http://cafoscari.wiki.taoriver.net/moin.cgi/RecentChanges?action=rss_rc>

    Alex said, it seemed to either be a bug in Moin or a bug in XML::RSS he uses on oddmuse. I'd need this feature rather urgently for making "one big soup" work. Excuse me for pushing. How to make the last edits (maybe even the receintly changed version history) of whatever wiki-page make readable on whatever wiki-page? -- MattisManzel

    humm looks like the wiki was cutomised, to add the rss tag, the rss tag was maped to some nice perl script that uses the XML::RSS module try talking to who ever made the customisation to the WIKI, if they dont want to fix it, see if you can get the code and ill have a try im good at monkeying with code =) --DrOwl

    an idear maybe to help with spam, we need to make usage rules, and by entering this site you aggree to them, included in the rules should be, if you edit a page of this wiki in a "unfrendly" way ie spam you are braking the law. if spam occures we then inform the ISP, and if said ISP does nothing we ban there ip range.


    some ideas for anyone bored enough:

    Top-10 popular external wiki links 
    Top-10 popular wiki page searches

    <-- Check out HitCount for something similar like that ;) --mutante

    add a [googlism search] to new pages along with the other searches


    Heavily extended the new pages text ,including Googlism and many other new searches.


    Nice one Mut, the new pages looks brill, and should help ppl find info if they need it --DrOwl

    Very good the Donations-page, mutante. I suggest a page that reflects our financial situation: left column what we have, right what we need. Concerning actuallity similar to the adminlog. Like that all can help on it, for example when donating even before the money arrives you can already add your donation on that page and all can see it there. It's the fastest and most flexible way for a community. When the hive is up and running people having wikis on the hive can instantly inform about the financial sanity of the hive and see if giving voluntary support is neccessary. I whish we could make the hive work on voluntary donations of everybody who wants to rather than on any kind of ads. You don't sell a piece of your skin for someone to put changing commercial-tatoos there either. s23-KassenBuch. Dunno? We might inevitetably have to make an e.V. earlier or later anyhow. -- MattisManzel

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