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    Stupid Self Destruction

    A Retrospective:[edit]

    what happends to you?
    newborns..born new and fresh 
    empty canvas..before it is fashioned into canvas
    eyes unfocused 
    belly breathing
    you knew how to just BE in liquid, like fish
    you knew without knowing
    everything new
    everything transition 
    with it cascades of hormones and busy busy cells.
    - activity - 
    sounds, nourishment, evacuations
    you grew and grew
    and ideas and information hit you like cell phone frequencies 
    all the time
    until you tuned (down) into the receptive frequency
    and then social conditioning begins..
    the politics
    upheaval of familiar unfolding flow
    suddenly these new 'processes' in your 'living room':

    A dance:[edit]

    Thats not the end of-course..just the beginning of the end 
    you learned how to ignore and neglect from that point on
     and cut down the amount of information you recieved from 'the world'
    gulped down microwavable colorful sweet looking food into your living furnace
    you inhaled fake tobacco into beautiful pink lungs, turning what was 
     once cosidered a holy rite into a mockery
    a pretty pill to inhibit pain, the great teacher, by taking the sting out of the entry 
    point of the knife as it goes in, and this way you forget the past

    A Truth:[edit]

    this stupid self destruction 
    stupid? call it stupid and feed it shame
    this '''Ignorant''' self-destruction
    this darkness that is not evil
    just not illumined 
    so with the resilienct of youth 
    you sabotage the body
    and see no instant negative effect
    just a feeling of living above the world..euphoria.
    you hear the warnings..and mistake them for just more rules made by hypocritcal adults
    little do you know the more you partake in these practices 
    the more you are limiting the functioning of your instrumentation
    what will make you learn?
    what will make you change course away from the iceberg?
    what, how, and when?

    An offer:[edit]

    Bring your pain here
    bring it and spill it
    watch it and learn 
    listen to the love that comes through
    (just as was done for me)
    its not mine, its not me
    it just '''IS'''
    look into your brain and see what happends when you think of courage
     take a deep breath and then do it right now
    surrender to the release
     and release to the surrender
    "die" your current ideas of cool, hip, pride of individuality, rebellion 
    and break open
    and be as a little newborn again
    fresh and wide-eyed
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