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    i had a most unusual dream last night, im which all the ppl of the world were being rounded up and killed off by some sort of goverment / superhuman / alien thing. that wasnt the part that made me think... its the way in which i thort i could save the world (after a lot of ppl had been killed and i had escaped) i was i a boat when the astroids started falling (lots of them braking up as there were comming down) i dived under the see with weights and such, and found a hidden hiding place, in which was a pensil no normal pensil was this is was in a harness so it could be straped to you arm for io had to be. it was a mighty powerfull pencil, for with it had been started a terrable (for want of a better word) "wepon" it was a storie that would bring all of the day from up till now, to now.

    i took the pencil, and opend what looked like an old barn door (still under the sea), and walked in to a room, that wasnt so much a room as a bit of country side (all dry not like it was under the sea at all). so i went in and prepaired to wright the storie. that would save the world, by bringing all of history to the present.

    the resion this was in a hidden hidden place under the sea, is becouse it had to be for "THEY" feared it could distroy everything if the storie was ever written. the resion i was the one to use it, is becouse i have no consept of language in the "normal" sence of the word. ill try to add some more, if you have any question i will try to answer. but i really think we should make this pencil before ant one else does. -- DrOwl


    damn,yeehaw,it worked.:), didnt i say your gonna dream the name of our cabal before you went to sleep last night?:) so ,its the 'Cabal of the hidden pencil" now? or what? -- mutante

    did you i must of missed it, my PC is a bit hit and miss ATM, but yes good idear... 'Cabal of the hidden pencil' sounds most cool, maybe we can ellabarate on the story too =) i wrote it here so i would not forget =)-- DrOwl

    DrOwl, you made mutante 'yeehaw'..well done! 'Cabal of the hidden pencil' is cool. Here are some sister names:

    Cabal of the Random Carbon-based lifeforms
    Cabal of the Hidden Bowel movement
    Cabal of the Zauber Weilders
      "    "  "  Are you sure you didn't leave the oven on?!
      "    "  "  non-1337 H@X0rs                 
      "    "  "  fnordaniens



    If you can't find the [[Polyfather], or having found him, don't want anything to do with him, you are still authorized to form your own POEE CABAL and do Priestly Things, using the Principia Discordia as a guide. Your Official Rank will be POEE CHAPLIN for the LEGION OF DYNAMIC DISCORD, which is exactly the same as a POEE PRIEST except that you don't have an Ordination Certificate. The words you are now reading are your ordination.


    1. Write the ERISIAN AFFIRMATION in five copies.
    2. Sign and nose-print each copy.
    3. Send one to the President of the United States.
    4. Send one to The California State Bureau of Furniture and Bedding 1021 'D' Street,
       Sacramento CA 94814
    5. Nail one to a telephone pole. Hide one. And burn the other. Then consult your pineal gland.

    --- (this must be moved..temp dumped here by -- mutante

    Hahaha..hillarious! -KunDa
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