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Wiki page in respect to the Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London

Here one can get on their 'Soapbox' and post rants and raves about anything.

Star Wars 3[edit]

<kunda> just saw Star Wars 3
i had a little epiphany in it that got me depressed..
being a jedi is kind of like being on the path..its austere..its selfless
u serve others
u are non-attached
attachment brings inevitable pain
lets skip the philosophy behind how insipid that might sound
but..i was wondering about the reincarnation model
and how many life time have i sat/stood/supported my chin on my palms/laid down to learn this same theme/myth/pattern/archetype from a movie/book/storyteller/teacher
how the darkside isnt evil..it is just getting twisted by the power of the force..thinking you own it...teh darkness is the ignorance one lives in and spreads around oneself
evil is just another concept of this either/or thinking
limited in dimension
your either with us or you are our enemy
no middle
no degrees of seperation..just empty space between left and right, right and wrong, good and evil
evil is fear and fear always has a need
that is unmet
and rage is that fear turned in on itself with inner-mammilian force
so you dont recognize the fear anymore..just a rampage of pain
left in its wake
and what else..that kindness and compassion are pussy traits. that they get
mistakened for weakness
were in actuality it takes more courage to be kind and compassionate
so when are the lessons gonna end..or realization of this begin..?
must i go through it all again..again
and again
the movie had its moments..but it lacked that quality of the first 3 or maybe becasue i saw them as a kid..and everything is amazing at a certain age
well..thats my rant
-Kunda 05:18, 25 May 2005 (CEST)