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    Schlauer Gebetsteppich

    "Während des täglichen Gebets müssen sich Muslime zur Kaaba ausrichten, dem Zentralheiligtum des Islam in Mekka. Der Gebetsteppich Sajjadah 1426 verrät die richtige Richtung - egal, an welchem Ort man sich befindet. Der Trick: In den Teppich ist ein Kompass eingearbeitet. Seine Sensoren sind mit dem Teppichmuster verwebt. Es besteht aus hauchdünnen weißen Plastikfolien. Sobald der Teppich exakt ausgerichtet ist, leuchten die fluoreszierenden Muster auf. Preis: 345 Dollar."

    Quelle: PM-Magazin, Juni 2006, S.100

    • http://www.sonerozenc.com (leider Flash, daher kein Direktlink möglich, übrigens einer der Top-Gründe Flash abzulehnen, man muss also den Weg "Zu Fuss" beschreiben..nerv..: Enter online portfolio -> Product design -> Sajjadah 1426)

    Press Pack (ZIP 7.9 MB): http://sonerozenc.designpeace.net/s1426/

    SAJJADAH 1426 redefines the prayer rug[edit]

    A prayer rug is a small and portable carpet that Muslims put on the floor when they perform their prayers. Its main function is to provide a clean and isolated platform for the prayer. With the specific patterns on its surface, it also aims to bring the atmosphere of a mosque to wherever they take it.

    Muslims pray five times a day. The only product they need to perform their prayers is a prayer rug. And there is one thing they need to be careful about: the holy city of Mecca – the direction towards which they should perform their prayers.

    'Sajjadah 1426' is designed to solve this problem in a subtle way while enriching the praying experience with the illuminated patterns on its surface. The word 'sajjadah' is a Persian/Turkish word meaning 'prayer rug' and the number '1426' stands for '2005' in Islamic calendar.

    It indicates the direction via the data coming from a compass module embedded inside the prayer rug. The closer to the direction of Mecca it is turned, the brighter the patterns illuminate.

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