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"Jack of all trades, Master of none"

Resourcefullness is a virtue that spans all disciplines. From living in the Bush to programming a computer. It's the mind's innate ability to asses a situation, observe the problem or need, and figure out how to create a practical work-around that issue. It turns the mind into a 'Work Horse' since it gives it problem to wrap itself around on.

Being resourcefull will develop your mental faculties. There is a stereo-type of Farmers that alikens them to ignorant, out-of-the-loop hillbillies. But when a farmer wakes up every morning there is always something broken that needs to be fixed. It's not always something that can be looked up in a book somewhere and told how to deal with.

There is no 'RTFM' here, it's all YOU and what all your experience, skill and life up till that moment can bring insight to the solution.