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The infamous RedPill

A way outside of your nervous system.

In the movie it was what humans used to 'wake up' other humans with.
The Matix was a closed environment; a cage for the mind. It trapped humans into experiencing a faux-life. A digital one. Stuck in their 'Residual Self-Image' they knew nothing about the 'real world' that lay just outside of their amniotic fluid coccoon hooked up to an 'electric factory' generator.

What is the RedPill in your life?

Wiki is the RedPill that initiates the process of the personal removal of an individuum from the interactive projection we call the Matrix in order to enter the real world which means a global and rampant application of collective intelligence, a HiverMind, a mental WorldTree all over. It includes global multilingual communication and new virtual and non-corrupt money being collectively created from scratch and outsides of any existing global banking structure. A long annoying and painful process untill Morpheus welcomes you to the real world indeed. But if you swallowed the wiki pill, there is no way back anymore. You made your choice. -- MattisManzel

Take it and blissfully regret it -- EES

We discordians must stick apart! -- mutante