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RRSAgent IRC Bot

RRSAgent is a helpful bot for recording an IRC session.

In the command descriptions below, optional words in commands are indicated in square brackets. RRSAgent's commands are not case sensitive, but, in general, must be grammatically correct. "Please" can be abbreviated to "pls" if you wish to be polite yet still save keystrokes. Inviting and Dismissing RRSAgent

To use RRSAgent, you must first invite it to your IRC session. When you're finished, you must dismiss RRSAgent from the channel.

/invite RRSAgent <channel>

Brings RRSAgent on to your IRC channel. The log will appear in http://www.w3.org/yyyy/mm/dd-<channel>-irc where 'yyyy' is the current year, 'mm' is the current month, and 'dd' is the current day. Three variants of the log are written; .html contains XHTML, .rdf contains RDF, and .txt contains plain text.

Some irc clients let you omit the channel name and will fill in the name of current channel. This is a feature of the irc client, not of RRSAgent.

rrsagent, [please] excuse us rrsagent, bye rrsagent, [please] part rrsagent, [please] leave

   All disconnect the RRSAgent bot from your IRC channel.

Talking to RRSAgent

RRSAgent also recognizes several commands during its logging session. Most commands begin with "rrsagent, ", though a few are recognized without this.