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    Quick Runescape Experience

    Quick Runescape Experience Ok now if you are looking for a way to get a lot of experience and fast I will take you through a quick tutorial on how to power level in runescape. Just note in some cases this will cost you more and will be a dreadfully boring way to play Runescape but will get you more experience and buy runescape gold in the long run. Agility Just to agility courses. Note some of them have a required level to get into. Just use a agility pot and train there, you only need the one dose to get in there. Then to power train with agility, then go to the wilderness course to train. Combat The only thing I know of for combat is for members only go to north Relica and kill rock crabs. Crafting This is a hard one but free gem cutting and crafting note in order to do this you must have several of the things you are going to craft in stock or it will go no where. Farming Well here the fastest way is to buy tree seeds and plant seeds I prefer limp roots but any plant seed will do they take 17 min to grow and I usually will be alching when I farm thats why farming is as high as it is on my main. Firemaking Here just use willows, the cheapest log, but it will take more time to level using such a low level log. Fishing Now you remember when you were a noob and were getting a lot of feathers. Well go back to the chicken coop and get more the fastest way to get fishing experience is fly fishing at any level. Fletching This guide is listed in the Runescape 100 articles section. Herblore I dont know of any way to get a lot of experience,runescape gold and fast with this skill. If you have any ideas feel free to PM me at Runescape Boards. Mage For mage experience there are a few ways you can go about doing it. One is teleporting, would recommend the highest single law spell that you can do. Or if that costs too much for you buy mind runes and train like that. Mining This is quite simple just grab you pick and mine iron. Prayer Only thing you can do is go to wilderness bone yard and take the bones and burry them. Runecrafting Make Chaos Natures or Laws through the Abbys. Slayer There is no way that I know of due to the fact you can only do what you are told to do. Smithing Grab a ring of forging and a lot of iron ore and smelt iron ore to iron bars then make iron arrowheads. Thieving Steel cakes from the stall or steel silk until you can pick pocket farmers. Woodcutting Cut willows and drop all the logs you cut.

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