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    Q in Computing[edit]


    In Unicode the capital Q is codepoint U+0051 and the lowercase q is U+0071.

    ASCII Code[edit]

    The ASCII code for capital Q is 81 and for lowercase q is 113; or in binary 01010001 and 01110001, correspondingly.

    Morse Code[edit]

    In international Morse code the letter Q is DahDahDitDah: - - · -

    Nato Alphabet[edit]

    Quebec represents the letter Q in the NATO phonetic alphabet.

    Q in Star Trek[edit]

    • Q (in Star Trek, played by John de Lancie) is an immortal entity from a race of beings also known as the Q.

    Q has appeared to the crews of several Starfleet vessels and outposts during the 2360s and 2370s. He almost always appears in the uniform of a Starfleet captain.

    Q on MemoryAlpha (StarTrek Wiki)

    Q Rules!

    Q programming language[edit]

    Q (which stands for equational programming language) is an interpreted, interactive functional programming language created by Albert Gräf at the University of Mainz in Germany.

    Q is a functional programming language based on term rewriting. The Q programming system is free software distributed under the GPL.

    Wikipedia:Q programming language

    Other meanings for Q[edit]

    There a LOT of other meanings for Q:

    Related: Quakenet

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