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        1. A solid figure with a polygonal base and triangular faces that meet at a common point.
        2. Something shaped like this polyhedron.
        1. A massive monument of ancient Egypt having a rectangular base and four triangular faces culminating in a single apex, built over or around a crypt or tomb.
        2. Any of various similar constructions, especially a four-sided Mesoamerican temple having stepped sides and a flat top surmounted by chambers.
  3. The transactions involved in pyramiding stock.
  4. Anatomy. A structure or part suggestive of a pyramid in shape.


Investment scam in which early investors are paid from money invested by later investors.

Pyramid schemes may be disguised as MLMs, Private Gifting Clubs, Business Opportunities, Investment Opportunities, etc.

Pyramids in Gizah, Egypt[edit]

<googlemap width="600" height="500" lat="29.976389" lon="31.132143" controls="large" scale="yes" type="hybrid" zoom="15"> 29.976389,31.132,Pyramid of Chefren/Kafra 29.979,31.136,Pyramid of Cheops/Khufu 29.973,31.129,Pyramid of Mycerinus/Menkaure 29.9755,31.1375,Sphinx </googlemap>