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the only thing you need to do
is to sit down and watch your breath
this body is the hardware
your nose, the network adapter
the breath, communication/life-producing protocol 
you are connected to everything at this moment
you dont think so but that thought is coming from
an inferior part of your mind
the part that says you are stupid 
or are better then all these other inept stupids around you
the part that allows you to enjoy inflicting violence
the part that feels alone and might entertain suicide

so sneak past that part of your mind
do it!
your breath and a word is the boat through the chaos of your mind 
parse through the outstream inwards
dodge the temporary pictures+feelings that fly in and out of your screen
only breath and its sound 
those are your bearings in the convoluted twirly-whirl of that place

the beauty about being interconnected on the inter-cosmotic-network
is that any other node on it transmits and announces information through other nodes
to get to the destined node
that packet passes through you to

so fire up your cosmodump application
and start to self-assess and fine tune your receptivity ability.
so that it takes shorter amounts of time to initiate and run this process.