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Plum is an automation host for the network chat protocol IRC. Written in Java, Plum takes advantage of Java's dynamic class loading to insert functionality into the client on-the-fly. Coupled with the selection of available modules, Plum is a quick way to provide channel services for your channel. Plum grew out of a desire to combine several existing simple channel service bots in a way that was easily extensible by all channel participants (assuming they can develop in Java, which most could) Key Features of Plum:

   * On-the-fly pluggable/unpluggable modules.
   * in-IRC authentication and control
   * Several modules available:
         o Help system
         o Channel voting
         o News Viewer
         o Suggestions box
         o IRC Rock-Paper-Scissors adjudication
         o Link "Vernie"ing (retrieves and parses URLs for relevant information, such as title and content length)
   * Portable
   * Responds to most CTCP requests
   * Reconnects quickly
   * Camps its name (will rename as soon as desired name is available)
   * Well documented module API