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padma is an InfoBot IRC bot.



X is Y

You can teach her like this:

<@mutante> padma, vogel is german for bird
<@padma> OK, mutante.
<@mutante> padma, the cool url is at
<@padma> OK, mutante.

She listens to every "X is Y" sentence, also when her name is not mentioned, you just dont get an OK then.

<@mutante> snorkel is funny


? / what is .. / who is .. / where is ..

<@mutante> padma, what is vogel?
<@padma> it has been said that vogel is german for bird
<@mutante> where is the cool url?
<@padma> the cool url is at

Also for asking you dont need to mention her name every time.

<@mutante> snorkel?
<@padma> snorkel is, like, funny



<@mutante> forget george
<@padma> mutante: I forgot george

Adding to existing definition[edit]

X is also Y

If a term alread has a definition and you want to add a second you need to use also.

<@mutante> george is hot
<@mutante> padma, george is a bot
<@padma> ...but george is hot...
<@mutante> george is also a bot
<@padma> okay, mutante.
<@mutante> george?
<@padma> hmmm... george is hot or a bot

display "raw" definition[edit]


<@mutante> padma, foo23 is Bla|Blubb|blam
<@padma> OK, mutante.
<@mutante> foo23?
<@padma> somebody said foo23 was Bla
<@mutante> padma, literal foo23
<@padma> mutante: foo23 =is= Bla|Blubb|blam

reply / action[edit]

<reply> / <action>

With "<reply>" padma answers directly without additional "someone said" etc.. comments.

<@mutante> padma, be nice is <reply>padma loves you.
<@padma> OK, mutante.
<@mutante> be nice?
<@padma> padma loves you.

With "<action>" she outputs as action text.

<@mutante> jump around is <action> jumps around
<@mutante> jump around?
* padma jumps around




<@mutante> wer bin ich is <reply> You are $who, $who.
<@mutante> wer bin ich?
<@padma> You are mutante, mutante.


<@mutante> wieviel uhr is $date
<@mutante> wieviel uhr?
<@padma> wieviel uhr is Sun Jul 29 22:18:48 2007

RSS feeds[edit]


You can include the output of RSS feeds in padmas replies.

<@mutante> cnn is <rss="">
<@mutante> cnn?
<@padma> mutante: Japan PM 'suffers election blow'; Celebratory gunfire greets Iraq soccer victory; Taliban: Hostages will die Monday; Lightning kills five climbers; PM Brown visits 'strong' U.S. ally; Freed doctor leaves Australia; $20B arms sale to Saudis in works; Embattled Musharraf meets with Bhutto; Iraqis try to save ruling coalition; Stranded Gazans may get to return

You can use any feed adress and include it in any answer you teach padma.

Randomizing answers[edit]

X is A|B|C

To put a little more fun in teaching you can give severeal answers which are used randomized.

<@mutante> a random number is 5|17|23|42
<@mutante> a random number?
<@padma> a random number is probably 42
<@mutante> a random number?
<@padma> a random number is 5
<@mutante> boy george is hot|not|no comment
<@mutante> boy george?
<@padma> i guess george is not
<@mutante> boy george?
<@padma> george is hot

DNS / ping[edit]

<@mutante> padma: dns
<@padma> mutante: is
<@mutante> ping
<@padma> 10 packets transmitted, 10 received, 0% packet loss, time 9012ms, rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 0.053/0.072/0.089/0.015 ms

converting units[edit]

<@mutante> padma: convert 1 gallon to litres
<@padma> 1 gallon is 3.78534 litres.
<@mutante> padma, convert 110 fahrenheit to celsius
<@padma> 110 Fahrenheit is 43.3333 Celsius.
<@mutante> padma, convert 23 femtoseconds to decades
<@padma> 23 femtoseconds is 7.28842e-23 decades.
<@mutante> padma, convert 17.5 lightyears to millimeters
<@padma> 17.5 lightyears is 1.65559e+20 millimeters.


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