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OutReachBooks - Help Spread the Word[edit]


Some of us find recent books so powerful about how to 'save the world' - or at least make it better - that we want to share them with others. In particular, we want to share them with those who will have the power to implement real changes in the world. This Web site is for that purpose. For anyone who has read a book like IshMael, and been moved, and thought, "I wish the ___ Corporation could be convinced to think in this way", this site is for you to use.

This site is to collect information on social consciousness books that have been sent to corporations, community leaders, political figures, entities, and other powerful individuals.

Basically, how to target influential people and spread a meme (in this case 'beneficial, out-of-the-box, sustainable, foward thinking) or Gorrilla Advertising (read Ishmael to understand the pun) that could could have fascianting consiquences on the human civilization.

The Website for further info.
List of books sent and tracked

Examples: [1] & [2] & [3]


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