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    Plot Summary: David is an aspiring artist and a pot dealer, and he falls in love with constantly smoking Serena. Serena... (more) (view trailer)

    User Comments: this movie is terrible

    Hilarious Film!,

    Reviewer: A viewer from Los Angeles, CA

    Dont let the Cheezy Box fool you. Bong Water is a incredibly funny Flick! With a great cast Including Jack Black , Andy Dick, Luke WIlson & Alcia Witt. The story is also a trip! David is a struggling artist with a thriving little side job, he falls in love Serena, a spirited spontenous girl that turns his world upside down. Filled with some great characters ! I Highly recommend chillin out with some buds and checking this one out. Based on the Book.


    Don't Smoke It Dumbass, Drink It

    From the smoked up 80's, out of the ashes arose a toxic liquid that has become a household word among the old heads. The smell that would not go away from your spill on the carpet or the accidental leak in the back seat of your smoke mobile. Now you can experience a shot that will take you back to fogged out days of the past and be a little less harsh and taste a whole lot better.


    fire it up


    Check of Money Order To:


    516 Stonegate Place

    Suite C

    Brentwood, TN 37027

    Box Of MoVies/BongWater: http://www.coversproject.com/artist/Bongwater

    Radio Free MoVies/BongWater



    Bong Wasser trinken ?




    Alkohol statt Bongwasser: http://chiffing.de/showthread.php?t=2155

    Über das Ausschütten von Bongwasser:


    geschrieben von: oraider

    wer bongwasser trinkt ist kurz davor

    • a)seine geschmacksnerven
    • b)seine würde
    • c)sein leben

    zu verlieren. wie ihr vielleicht schon gemerkt habt, ist das wasser in der bong dazu, den rauch zu filtrieren, d.h. zu sΣubern. thc ist in wasser nicht l÷slich, nikotin und andere giftstoffe aber schon. ---> wer bongwasser säuft, der trinkt vergiftete brühe.

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