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    Often called simply OM, Operation Mindfuck was popularlized in The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson. It involves challenging people's perspectives, and shaking them out of their reality tunnels by unexpected actions and events. These usually involve strange twists on normalcy.

    Many OMs involve subtlety, so that those whose reality perspective is being challenged don't know whether something's being pulled on them or not. Thus Operation Mindfuck often involves a degree of paranoia.


    Operation Mindfuck was created in the 1960s by Ho Chi Zen (aka Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst or Kerry Thornley, co-founder of Discordianism) with fellow Discordians Malaclypse the Younger, The Midget aka The GameMaster of Florin, Dr. Mordecai Malignatus, Harold Lord Randomfactor, and others.

    OMs may be performed solo, by a few people, or by a large group. Operation Mindfuck often involves random elements, using the game theory concept that "the only strategy an opponent cannot predict is a random strategy." Participants may use random elements to make decisions, such as rolling dice.

    OMs are often done by unconnnected groups of small cells of people, similar to the military tactics of Mao Tse-tung. A participant may know who's in one cell, but have no idea who else is involved in other cells. This makes it extremely difficult to pinpoint and stop those involved.

    In the 21st century, OMGASM, or Operation Mindfuck: Golden Apple Seed Mission, was begun by Professor Cramulus and others. In an OMGASM, people spread the word about a coming OM so it can grow everywhere like scattered seeds.

    Operation Mindfuck includes: Anti-Protests, Book OM or BookGASM, Culture Jamming, Erister Egg Hunt or EggGASM, Flash Mobbing, Guerilla Communication, Honorary Membership (in non-existent groups), OM Parades (odd and unexpected parades), Postergasm, Project Pan-Pontification, stamping official documents with unofficial Rubber Stamps, Project Jake, and more.


    • Discordians all work, I mean play, in their spare time, on Operation Mindfuck - an insidious yet disorganized attempt to tear down your old mental paradigms without offering anything with which to replace them.

    Techniques include everything from elaborate pranks, to...well, simple pranks. Sort of a Zen version of the Merry Pranksters." - Rev. Ivan Stang, High Weirdness by Mail

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    Es ist Uns kürzlich zu Ohren gekommen, daß Sie, in Ihrer Eigenschaft als Direktor der Aaron Burr High School, in einer öffentlichen Versammlung mit unverhüllter Offenheit gesagt haben, daß der Tod durch Napalm "wirklich nicht schmerzvoller als eine schwere Erkältung" sei und daß Orientalen eine "widerstandsfähigere Haut als die Weißen" haben "und weniger schmerzempfindlich" sind. In Unserer Eigenschaft als Hohepriester des Haupttempels des Hauses der Apostel der Eris beglückwünschen Wir Sie für Ihre Unterstützung bei der Wiedereinführung des amerikanischen Ausbildungssystems in seine rechtmäßige Position als Objekt des Neids und der Verzweiflung aller anderen (folglich niedereren) Ausbildungssysteme.

    Es ist uns kürzlich zu Ohren gekommen, daß Sie in Ihrer Eigenschaft als Minister des Innenministeriums dieses Staates in einer öffentlichen Veranstaltung in unverhüllter Offenheit gesagt haben, daß Menschen, die private Verschlüsselung verwenden wollen potentielle Verbrecher seien, da sie ja ganz offensichtlich etwas zu verbergen haben.

    Intermittens 7: Operation Mindfuck[edit]

    The 7th issue of Intermittens is focused on OM. It appeared in July 2009. Click on Intermittens for more info.

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