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Every current mediawiki has a Special:Import and Special:Export function. I just tested it with page Discordian Pope and it worked. I used Wikipedia:Special:Export, entered the page name i wanted, saved the file to disk and uploaded it to our wiki using Special:Import.

Notice that creating the new imported page did not show up in the recent changes, only the next edit after that. I just wanted to test this feature and maybe we want to copy some very specific pages from wikipedia or other mediawikis, but dont take this as a call to import a large number of wikipedia pages, after all we want to have our own content mainly and not look like these money makers who copy the complete wikipedia.

You could also use this feature to write applications for offline wiki editing that create files that are compatible for import. mutante 17:11, 30 October 2005 (CET)

not finished / support yet[edit]

< hashar> mutante_> i am not sure special:import is really supported
< avar> wasn't there some trouble with searchindexes and such?
< avar> and the link table, and logging
< mutante_> i can only report it worked for me to use Special:Export on en.wikipedia ,save it and Special:Import it again on my 1.5.0 installation
< mutante_> but it didnt show up in RC
< hashar> but there is some bad effects :)
< avar> mutante_: that's one of the not-complete parts
< mutante_> i see,ok,then i better leave the "no support" part in MediaWiki:Exporttext