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    Multi-User Text Editor (MUTE)

    MUTE is a multi-user text editor system that enable users in different platforms and environments to edit files concurrently. The user can adapt his favorite editor to the java interface of the MUTE, and then by using the interface the user will be able to connect and edit files in the system – As in the GroupWare Concept. The mute is a part of the HADAS system – built as a component, and can be used in all other applications based on HADAS.

    The client that demonstartes the MUTE capabilities is MS-WORD. The connection between the ms-word and java was built using the WIN95/NT Inter-Process Communication (IPC) and Java Native Methods.

    The MUTE is using a Message based mechanism to control the file and reply to user requests. We have implemented a dynamic queue inside the hadas APO’s which enables the control over the message flow in special cases.

    When the user activates the client (i.e. MS-WORD), he can use the following commands:

       * New/Open/Close file
       * Lock/Unlock Section
       * Commit Section
       * Lock/Unlock Permanent Section
       * Add/Remove User (File owner operation)
       * Set/Unset File Owner
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